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Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful.

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The life of cats Bugged I awoke this morning with Benny sleeping on my tummy while Monkey cried out in distress over the fact that Ouija was outside, disapprovingly scraping his frozen claws down the length of the front door. 23 Jun 2006
Gyrene Joe's Gyrene Joe's opinionated point of view of everything. Not any different than any other blog, I suppose. 05 Mar 2006
EQV Wisbech_lad Stuff 08 Dec 2005
Ayquememareo! Lt. Garcia Fisherman dishes, pics of my experiments, a place administrated by me in the center of a californian server :D<br /> hi Joe! 07 Dec 2005
LECTORI SALUTEM ! SturmSebber ....................*happy holidays*.................. 02 Dec 2005
TestGuy's Test Blog TestGuy The exciting tales of a test account! 29 Nov 2005

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