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Friday, 02 December 2005

Almost unhearable, a small zooming noise announces the end of the night.
As my cd picks up speed, the notes to the "Te Deum" resonate throughout the bedroom.
I feel myself taking bigger breaths, and feel your warm body pressed next to mine...
The scent of new wooden furniture drifts as a light undertone through the air.I move my hand and as it leaves the warmth of the eiderdown, i realise how chilly it has become overnight.
With a flick of the switch a bright light lifts the darkness and consolidates the start of a new day. I sigh, waking up feels a bit like being reborn. I kiss your cheek, and leave you to Morpheus.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Felix domestica prima !

I remembered those very first lessons of Latin from my old schoolbooks about a cat playing in an atrium while
seeing my boyfriend's cats playfully chase eachother around the sofa.

I never thought of myself as a cat person, but i have to say one gets easely accustomed to these carpet-pumas as i used to call them.
As my parents always kept dogs, i never ever had the opportunity to get to know -never mind owning- pet cats. But, as i mentioned before, i'm really starting to like them. sure, they damaged a new carpet i bought by putting their evil little claws in it, but no more harm was done than a young puppy would have done by urinating on it.
Being so busy every day, another huge advantage is that they require so little "maintenance"! Every other day i clean their "litterbox", every morning and evening some fresh water and food, and that's about all the day to day care you have! No long walks in the rain with a dog who prefers to pee in the most inconvenient locations...
Cats are great! Ofcourse, so am i, so that may very well be the main reason why we get on so well ;)

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