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Thursday, 08 December 2005
Ugh. Not a good week.

One of my colleagues died over the weekend. 32 years old, 3 kids under 7. Went into hospital Friday night, dead Sunday.

He was a good guy, and I respected him (he was Union Chair, so we used to negotiate on a lot of stuff) But the needlessness of his death, and the aftermath, has depressed me.

What he died of could have easily been treated, but for various reasons, he didn't do anything about it - or rather, what he did was even worse. Spent everything on quacks, so he died broke. Only when he collapsed, then his wife, panicking, called us up, but way too late.

He was the sole breadwinner in his extended family. Obviously we have life insurance etc. but it looks as if we need to "teach his wife to fish" (she is a housewife) E.g., she doesn't even know where his bank books or ATM card are.

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Thursday, 01 December 2005

EQV = Equipment Varies, or Esse Quam Videre, both work related! 
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