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Name Portugal
Description This image must be saved for all time...
Sent by wadepm
Date 17 Jul 2006
Size 17.75 Kb
Image Resolution 251 x 350
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Rating Votes: 22 - Average: 4.34

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11 Jan 2014
Eight years later (well, 7 and a half) she has got to be as big as a house with 6 kids...
SSgt Viljuri
16 May 2011
Collateral? Obviously, negotiations must be started again...
06 Dec 2009
I would be interested to see what she looks like four years on...
10 Nov 2009
Using Gyrene's advice I can only comment the following: I like!
18 Dec 2008
Ok...Try this - Scroll the window up until her face is covered.

How does she look now?
24 Nov 2008
Also, notice that line that falls from the corner of her mouth back toward the middle of her jaw line? She will probably develop sagging jowls early in life. Nevertheless, if her personality is okay, I'd be delighted to go quite a few rounds in the sack with her.
08 Aug 2008
On close inspection, Keano might be right. It looks like she may have some acne on the cheeks. If she can get her skin clear though, she's smokin. Great body either way.
19 Jan 2008
Well yeah. Look at that face, you ain't seen prettier ones ?
03 Aug 2007
Ok, Keano has been kicked out of the cabal.
29 Oct 2006
Nice figure, but I think I've seen better-looking chicks than that. Cool
04 Oct 2006
I think I'd volunteer for that duty.
29 Aug 2006
Would anyone care to lap brandy out of her navel?
18 Aug 2006
Stupid scale, only goes to 5...
18 Jul 2006
Definitely a tolerable-looking chick. You got any more like that? Razz

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