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Sony Vaio TX650P
Title Sony Vaio TX650P
Description Mini notebook
Type of Product Notebook computer
Price Paid 2000USD
Bought From MicroCenter
Rating (A to F) A-
Sent by Marlow
Very small sized laptop (less than 10x7x1, and less than 3 lbs).  Comes reasonably fully loaded even for a larger machine with on-board DVD read/write, built in WLAN, WWAN, and bluetooth.  60 GB hard drive, and a very crisp (albeit small) screen.  The keyboard is a little small, but I find that I can write just about as fast as on a full sized unit.  The touchpad works well, and has some nice features (scrolling along the right side and bottom), but lacks a third mouse button.  I probably won't use the WWAN, but the wifi works great.  I am sitting on the couch in the family room watching the NCAA tourny as I write this.  Battery life is terrific.  I was able to use the machine through two long meetings (5 hours total) without charging.  I haven't tried any games other than Bug Hunter, so I don't know how well it will handle programs that really push graphics.  It has a neat feature that permits a quick boot if you want to only access media functions (DVD, photoalbum).

Only a few gripes.  The above mentioned missing mouse button, the typical Sony lack of decent documentation, and the lack of recovery/restore disks.  The machine has a hidden restore file built in that should rescue the machine from anything other than a catasrophic drive failure, but I had to burn my own recovery DVDs.  There is a nice wizard for this, but it still took almost an hour.  The DVD writer seems a bit slow, and the hard drive is supposed to be a slow low power job, but I really have not noticed that. 
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