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Nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee Sunday morning.
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April 28, 2017, 08:59:12 AM
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Author Topic: Third wave feminism, SJW and other mental conditions.  (Read 16674 times)
Cobra Kai - No Mercy
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« Reply #270 on: April 20, 2017, 06:10:10 AM »

Indeed. The amount of rocketry required to get a rock throwing base up and running would dwarf the effort of maintaining a ICBM nuke arsenal. It makes 0 zero sense logistically. One reason to do it is is to build it in a place where you could launch unobserved for first strike capability. Now, I do do not know how many satellites orbit the moon now but it's going to be a lot more the moment you start building Moonbase David, so that unseen launch advantages goes away before you get so much as a pebble ready for lobbing over.

No you build it on the darkside (to earth).

Lunar escape velocity is about 21% of earth escape velocity.
IIRC earth escape velocity is around 25,000mph, so you'd need about 5300 mph to escape lunar orbit.

The infrastructure is the hard part.  But you don't do that all at once.
You build earth side first, then you build dark side (to support scientific research all the while developing your nefarious plot) and viola:  DFG I, First Supreme Poobah of the Terran System.

I shall be merciful....maybe.....sure.......ah, screw it, your all goners....
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« Reply #271 on: April 25, 2017, 09:42:03 AM »

There is this Kingsday (how weird it still is to not say Queensday) tradition in The Netherlands to hold a 'vrijmarkt' which basically means everyone can claim a spot on the sidewalk and sell their shit there. To claim this spot in advance, people mark out the spot and write 'bezet' (occupied) on it in tape or chalk.

But now some assholes with nothing better to do have decided to get butthurt about this because Kingsday is about a week before we remember our fallen (4th of May) and celebrate our liberation (5th of May) and the term bezet/occupied is the same as what we use for the German occupation.
That is a grievance so far fetched that it took people 71 years to think of it!

These cunts apparently now go around with orange tape to 'correct' the claims by taping over it with the words "free for..."

Si non Batavorum, non est multum
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